Junior Captain’s Blog

Junior Newsletter February Update 2021

Hi Juniors,

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas and New Year, I wish everyone best wishes for a brighter 2021 than we had in 2020 and your friends and family have all stayed safe during the recent lockdown, thankfully it now looks like it’s coming to a slow end and we can get back to playing golf in April, albeit under strict guidelines, but at least we will be able to enjoy golf and hopefully some nice weather to go with it, maybe a holiday as well.

Sadly, this will my last Blog as your Junior Captain as I celebrate my 19th birthday on the 25th February. Unfortunately I have not been able to have as much involvement with the Junior section as Captain as I would have like, I had so many ideas and plans that I was looking forward to sharing with the juniors, it seems such a long time ago that we were playing club comps and matches against other clubs and I was looking forward to being the Captain of a very strong Moor Park Junior Section, I am sure we would have been very competitive had we had matches this year, I am sure you will still have a strong team for any matches in 2021.

It was unfortunate that we lost our Presentation Evening last year and as there have not been any real club competitions this year there won’t be one this year either, but I hope that when there is one in the future I look forward to being there to support the Junior Section as one of your Past Captains.

I am sure you have all been studying hard with remote lessons and not playing on your X-Box, my brother Mason can switch his screen back to lessons and studying in a flash, I am sure a few of you have developed this skill as well. I have been doing my Uni course online and working in the family business the rest of the time as we have been very busy and I have been working alongside my Dad in producing Performance Injectors, helping my Mum with office work and doing HR programmes within the company, so I am getting lots of different work experience, I am also one of the Fire Marshals when I am in the factory!

So that what I have been up to, now I need to start working on my fitness and my swing and get back in shape for later this year. I hope to see you all from time to time around the club and I hope to come and support you some time if there are club matches.

Thank you for your support when we did have comps, I really appreciated your support and I hope you will give your Captain for 2021 Rio Saigal the same support.

My best wishes to Rio for his upcoming year and I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2021.

My thanks also go to the Junior Committee, staff and management at Moor Park for their help and support during my year!

Grace Herbert

Junior Captain 2020.


Junior Newsletter December Update 2020

Hi Juniors,

We are now allowed back out on the course, of course, we still have to follow the Government and Club guideline.

The new handicap system is now in force and it’s going to be fun playing at other courses and see our handicaps change according to the difficultly of the course, playing at Moor Park I am sure you will see your handicap go down at other courses.

The club are handing out a card with a chart to show how to calculate your handicap according to which course you are playing, the High or West, i am sure we will all adjust to it over time.

The 18th October was finally my Captains Drive-In, thankfully I hit one down the middle off the 1st on the West, there were quite a few supporters as well as Juniors both supporting me and playing in the annual Captain v The Juniors match, which the juniors won, thank you to all Juniors for your support.

As we cannot guarantee if the course will be open but keep your finger crossed that it will be, and we can play the Christmas Snowflake competition on Monday 21st December.
Please get your names down early so we can get the pairings organised, hopefully, there won’t be any real snowflakes on the course, and we can get the final Junior comp for 2020 played.

It’s been sad that this year has been decimated by the Covid 19 virus, I had so many plans for this year and like both the Men’s and Ladies Captains our opportunity to give support to our respective sections has now passed, I am disappointed but still very proud to have been your Captain this year.

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Grace Herbert,

Junior Captain 2020.

Junior Newsletter – September 2020

Junior Captains September Update


Well it looks like summer has gone and we are all still practicing social distancing and we are all back to school/college/university, hoping that 2021 will turn out better than 2020, fingers crossed.

Even though we have the social distancing at the club, it seems that everyone has abided by the rules and we have been able to play and gather in small groups afterward.

Congratulations to Connor Scott who won the Spring Meeting with a net 70, well done Connor

I am sure a few of you played in Nick Rice’s Captains Day, it was an excellent day and very well organized, congratulations Nick it was a great success.

The Junior Autumn Meeting was one by James Addison with two rounds of 68, well-done James.

Our Medal comp was a  close result with Kieran Chauhan and Shane Deas both finishing on 39 points, with Kieran winning on a countback, unlucky Shane, well done Kieran.

The September Stableford was well attended with 12 players and I was able to play, have been busy working and preparing for Uni. The comp was a tough one with the wind and cold and it was won by Sean Carney with 35 points, I came third with 33 points.

So September has not been too bad and now we can get our warm clothes out ready for the winter golf, that will cost a few Mum’s and Dad’s, every winter I found I had outgrown a lot of my warm clothes and needed something new, I guess some of you will be the same.

We have the Captain v Juniors match on Sunday the 18th October, which will be my Captains Drive-In, a bit late but how this year has gone it the best we could arrange. I would like to thank all of you who agreed to play in this match, it means a lot to me, thank you.

For any of you not playing but would like to come up to the 1ston the West at 12.30 I would be pleased to see you and would appreciate your support, it would be great to see you there but I would ask you to please observe the clubs social distancing policy. Thanks.

I know we have not had any chance to do any of the things I had planned for us during my year and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that this year has been so badly disrupted, but with so many people ill and dying from the Corona Virus, if our friends and families have all stayed safe my disappointment is a small price to pay.

I am now at Hertfordshire University two days a week and on other days I am doing a couple of jobs to earn some money, one is working for ASNU, the family business but I am also working for Claire in the Halfway House Café, so make sure you stop by and say hello and buy something 😊.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 18th if not before, play well, and stay safe.

 See you all soon



Junior Captain

Junior Newsletter – August 2020

Junior Captains August Update

Hi Juniors,

Hope you are all good and taking advantage of some warm weather and getting lots of golf in. I have been on holiday for two weeks to turkey with my boyfriend Oscar and before that spent the week working to have some money for my holiday, so if you haven’t seen me around you know why!

I hope you have had the chance to join one of Duncan’s coaching sessions, if not you must! I have had a few coaches since I started playing a long time ago, private lessons, club coaching sessions, county coaching lessons and coaches at the Golf College, including TV golf pundit Dennis Pugh. I have to say my experience with Duncan is excellent, he has given me some great tips that worked, and he was very easy to understand, all I need to do now is practice them to get my game better. Mums and dads make sure your Moor Park Juniors get along to Duncan’s lessons.

It is good to see the club is getting back to somewhere near normal, the new reception area is very nice, especially the photos of the men, ladies and junior captain photos on display!

On the 25th July we had a Junior Stableford. Congratulations to Anna Molloy on winning the stableford with an impressive 40 points, playing off 5. Another congratulation to Shane Deas and Josh Fletcher tied second with 39 points!

On the 27th July we had another Junior Stableford. Congratulations to Josh Fletcher who had a massive score of 50 points. Well done to all who participated.

On the 29th July Moor Park held the Hertfordshire Junior Stag. Anna Molloy participated and came 4th and shot 70 and 72! Great scoring. Connor Scott also participated and came 22nd with a score of 74 and 75! Lewis Slade participated and came in 24th with scores of 74 and 75! Sai Murukuntla also participated and came 27th with scores of 74 and 77, great stuff. Rio Saigal also participated and placed 30th with scores of 80 and 72 👏. Shane Deas also participated, placing 37th with scores of 74 and 80!

On the 3rd of August we had a junior stableford, Josh Fletcher came in with a very impressive score of 41 points and got cut to 33. Avi Shah and Connor Scott came in with a great score of 34 points! Well done to all who participated, great to see so many participating.

On the 21st August we had a Junior Spring Medal, Connor Scott came in with an amazing score of a gross 75, nett 73 and got cut to 4.8! Great score Connor. Well done to all who played in some tough conditions!

Sai Murukuntla played in the Hertfordshire Girls Competition at Dyrham Park, Sai won the Hertfordshire Girls Nett prize in some very tricky conditions, Great stuff Sai!

Rio Saigal is holding his lead in the men’s order of merit at 55.830 points with only 4 events left to play! Go on Rio keep up the good work 👏

We have the 36-hole junior Autumn meeting on the 1st September, I hope to see everyone there, let’s have a great turnout!

See you all soon

Junior Captain

Junior Newsletter – June 2020

Dear Juniors,

Hope you are all keeping well.

I have decided that with many events on in June, it was a good idea to do a review at the end of the month rather than at the start.

I am sure many of you are excited that we are getting back into golf again, with competitions starting up, courses fully opening, and hopefully access to more of the facilities soon!

We had two junior competitions in June with amazing turnouts in both! We had 12 juniors for both events, which is great to see so let’s keep this up.

We have had some great scoring recently which needs to be recognized!

Rio, our vice-captain, had a very impressive score of 63, this is his first time shooting this score and this is a great achievement. Well done Rio 👏.

In our first junior competition of 2020 on Sunday 21st June, we had a very impressive turnout of 12 juniors. It was great seeing everyone turn up and participate after such a long time away from golf. There are a few special mentions for this competition that I would like to point out;

A massive congratulations to Shane Deas for having 40 points, Shane had a very impressive gross 78, net 68 and 40 points!!!! Shane reduced his handicap by a whole shot! Very impressive Shane, well done! 👏 🎉

Another special mention for Zac Waterman who had a very good score of 34 points. Zac is playing better and better every round he plays! Keep up the good work Zac, the impressive scores, and the determination! 👍

In our second junior competition of the year, we had yet again another amazing turnout for the competition, with 11 juniors playing! It was a very, very hot day with the temperature being 30o for most if not all of the day, without a cloud in sight! With it being so hot, it was great to see so many juniors turn up to play!

A massive congratulations to Rio Saigal who had an impressive 38 points! Keep up the good work Rio!

Also, a big congratulations to Kabir Hunjan with 38 points, coming second to Rio. Great round! 👍

On Thursday 24th June, there was a Justin Rose Tour event for lady professionals. I volunteered and got chose to do the scoring for; Gemma Dryburgh, Cloe Frankish, and Alice Plumb.
It was a great day, and a great opportunity to see the professionals and their game. It really inspired me to get out practicing and playing more!
It is great for us girls and ladies that there are events being held which will help promote women’s golf and hopefully inspire other young women to play and be involved in golf.

The dates have now come out for the elite and development squad training. Please keep an eye out for the ‘Spond’ chat where this will be posted so you can sign up. Ensure to reply ASAP as the spaces get taken up very quickly, if you cannot attend, please decline so that other people who would like to participate can do so. These training sessions are a great way to know other people, bond with your squad, and also get some help with your game!

Please remember that when playing in competitions, you ensure you sign your card before putting it in the box otherwise your score will not count.

Finally, I would like to say that although we have an amazing turnout of juniors playing in the competitions, I would love to see more of you participating, especially our new juniors so you can get to know the others, Rio and myself. The competitions are a great way to get out on the course, meet new people and try to get your handicap down!

Please keep an eye out on Spond for any updates or new competitions, it really is a great platform to use and it allows us to keep conversations, dates, and any updates all in one place.

If anyone would like a game please let myself or Rio know and you can organize something with us, we would love to get to know and play with our new juniors along with our current ones.

Look forward to seeing you all around!


Junior Captain

Junior Newsletter – May 2020

Dear juniors,

Hope you and your families are all well.

I am sure you have all been very keen to go out and play and now we are allowed I hope to see many of you on the course! Hopefully soon when things start to move forward, we can go to the range and practice ready for when we are allowed to play in competitions again.

Please ensure you follow the club rules and social distancing when going to play so we can continue to play at Moor Park during this pandemic.

The course is looking in really good condition and very green, so it is important that you replace your divots and repair any pitch marks you make, or you see to keep up the condition of the course and help the greenkeepers out.

I have been going to a local driving range and being able to hit a ball again properly feels great. I can’t wait to get out there again and play competitively.

As soon as anything is confirmed regarding the juniors, I am sure the club will let us know!

Hope to see you all around soon.

Take care and stay safe!


Junior Captain

Junior Newsletter – April 2020

Dear Juniors,

I hope you and your family are well and keeping safe during this unpredictable time.

For those of you that do not know I attend the golf college in Lindfield, West Sussex, along with George C and Katie M. January to March is spent at Castro Marim in Portugal where we get coaching and education in the warmer climate. Unfortunately, we had to return a week early due to the coronavirus crisis. Luckily, we were home before the lockdown! So, I have been spending my time getting ahead of my course work, baking cakes, helping my brother with his revision, putting in the house and practicing my swing in the garden.

Whilst probably not doing what you had planned, I hope you all had a happy Easter! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I guess it helps that the sun is shining, and it is warm out!

Although the season has been postponed it doesn’t stop my ideas for the junior section. I continue to think and plan various ideas to help improve the junior section and I know the plans we originally had will defiantly take place once the season starts back up again.

On Monday 13th April I would’ve been doing my Junior Captain drive in along with us all participating in a competition and prize giving. It is a shame it has been cancelled but as soon as everything returns to normal, we will rearrange this date and I look forward to seeing you all there!

I just wanted to remind those of you who have not returned any consent forms to please dig them out or ask Wes for them during this lockdown and fill them out ready to be returned once this is all over. It is very important that this is done ASAP!

I want to wish you and your families all well through this difficult time and I hope to see you all soon at Moor Park when things get better!


Junior Captain

Junior Newsletter – March 2020

Hello Everyone, for the juniors who do not know me, I am Grace and I am your new Junior Captain.

I would like to start by thanking Katie for a great year last year, I’ll be looking to Katie for advice for this year!

I would like to congratulate Rio on being Vice Captain this year, we work very well together so I know this is going to be a good year and Rio has always been a very dedicated member of the junior section so it’s great to be able to work with him!

We have a very exciting year ahead of us with a few social events and a lot of golf to be played!

This year I would love for us all to come together as a team, whether you’re in the team or not it would be great for the junior section to be one of the strongest in Hertfordshire. It would be great to have a dedicated team of players we can rely on for matches, so if you would like to play, make sure you put your name forward!

On the 13th April we are having a junior competition which is open to all juniors with or without handicaps.  This will then be followed by my drive in, which I would love to see as many of you there as possible. Finally the day will finish with a prize-giving for those who won prizes last year! It would be great to see as many of you there as possible to give your support for those who have won prizes and participate in the competition.

We had a meeting at the end of last year where Nick and Wes announced the very exciting new Junior Development Program (JDP). This is going to be offered to both young male and female junior members who will be given the opportunity to progress their golfing careers which is really exciting! The members have been very generous and donated money which has allowed the board to approve the programme, we are very lucky. The JDP has two squads, the elite and the development, plus a beginner series.

The Elite Squad will have 12 selected juniors both male and female who have single figure handicaps, they will receive individual and group coaching throughout the year, as well as entry fees to county and national events which is really helpful. The team will also receive a uniform. Make sure you wear it at the club and when representing Moor Park.

The Development Squad will be for all other junior members who will receive coaching in Easter and summer school holidays. This squad is great as it will help to encourage all other junior members to qualify for the Elite Squad. If you aren’t in the Elite Squad and would like to be, make sure you participate in the Development Squad!

The beginner series is for non-golfing juniors who are going to be given the opportunity to participate in taster session and increase their progress and participation to join junior classes and camps which are ran by our PGA professionals! How exciting!

However, to qualify for any of these squads Moor Park needs to be your home club and you will be representing the junior section and further levels.

Let’s get a good team together, we have the support and funding, so let’s make the most if it!

We have a new method of communication, which is the ‘Spond’ app. This is going to be the new form of communication within the junior section, and on here you will see any information or updates about the junior section and competitions. Make sure you get the app and contact Nick or Wes for the code so you don’t miss out on any important information it would be great to see everyone join the group if you haven’t already!

We have exciting news re the Ver League, we have drawn Knebworth and if we win, we get to go into the semi-finals! The home and away matches have to be played by the end of July, we want the strongest team of 7 to be put out so make sure you put your name forward if you want to play and represent Moor Park, the dates are still being confirmed.

Consent forms were sent out at the start of the year and I know that not all have been sent back yet, so please do this as soon as you can as it is very important this is done for you to be a part of the junior section.

Dates for the diary so far is the match between us and Antwerp on the 21st-23rd August. This will be a selected team of players which is a great honour & tradition to be part of, so put yourself out there this year to get into the team and visit Antwerp. It is really an amazing experience to play in and great fun.

We have two social events planned so far for this year, one being a family day in July which should be great fun and another event attending the BMW tournament. This will be fun and a great way of us interacting and come together as a team. I will speak to Nick about more social events such as bowling or Top Golf etc as this is important for us to bond as a Junior Section no matter your age or ability. I’m always happy to pass on any suggestions you may have, so if there is anything you think would be good to do, let me know.

I am looking forward to getting to know all the juniors and will make it my mission to play with each and every one of you over the coming year!


Junior Captain