Can I arrange a meeting at the club to have a look at the facilities and find out more about membership?+

Yes we would love to show you around our fantastic club and discuss membership options further in person. please contact our Membership Manage Matt Jones on matt,[email protected] to arrange a time.

Are there many competitions or matches throughout the year?+

The club run an extensive golf and tennis competition calendar with regular competitive play. There are also team sections which play in home and away matches against other clubs.

Is there a waiting list to become a Golf Member?+

At present, there is a waiting list to become a male adult golfing member. There is no waiting list for female or junior golfers or tennis, social membership.

Is it easy to get to know other Members?+

The Club runs weekly golf and tennis roll-ups which gives you the chance of meeting and playing with other Members. There are also many social events throughout the year to attend where you can relax, enjoy the entertainment and get to know others.

As a full Golf Member will I have access to both Golf courses?+

Yes, golf members are able to play on both golf courses dependant on the course allocation for the day. The practice facilities are open all year round for the golf members, and they receive free practice balls at the driving range.

How long does the Golf Membership process take?+

Depending on your Handicap the process can take between 4-8 weeks.

Are there scheduled tours of Moor Park Mansion?+

We do have complimentary tours of the Mansion, run by NADFAS which detail the history of the Mansion and the artwork. Please visit our Mansion page to see upcoming tours and times


If this has not answered your query please contact the Membership Office via email to [email protected]