Dress Code


            Golf Courses and Practice Areas:

  • Suitable golfing attire. If your dress is deemed unsuitable for golf you may be asked to change by our Golf Operations team.


            Tennis Courts, Outside Terraces and surrounding areas:

  • Players must be dressed in recognised tennis clothing. For gentlemen, collarless and sleeveless shirts are not acceptable.
  • Players must wear predominantly white socks with tennis shoes suitable for the surface.
  • Coloured tracksuits may be worn for winter play and warm-up in summer months.



            Terrace Bar, Outside Terraces, Carris Bar, Thornhill Lounge and Main Hall.

  • Smart casual clothes including approved golf attire.
  • Smart denim clothing (not ripped, faded or distressed) is permitted in the Mansion and gardens.
  • Tennis players may wear approved tennis clothing (see above Tennis guidelines) including shorts and skirts In the Club’s Bars. In the Main hall and Thornhill Lounge casual attire or tracksuits should be worn for Tennis players. Tennis shoes are permitted in the Main Hall.
  • All golf shoes and tennis shoes are permitted in the Terrace Bar and Information Room. Only pimple-soled golf shoes (not soft spikes) or tennis shoes may be worn in the Carris Bar and Thornhill Lounge.

            Remaining rooms in the Mansion, including Dining Rooms.

  • Smart casual wear. Gentlemen are required to wear long trousers, shirts with collar and sleeves or polo-necked sweaters.
  • Tracksuits are not permitted.

                  If any event in the Mansion requires a more (or less) formal style of dress this will be made clear on the notice for the event.

            Throughout the Mansion, Practice Grounds, Tennis Courts and Surrounding Terraces.

  • Shirts to be worn inside trousers and shorts.
  • Hats are not permitted in the Mansion. Outside, peaked hats must be worn with the peak to the front.
  • Sports bags, shoe bags, waterproofs, anoraks, golf clubs and tennis rackets must be left in the Locker Rooms and not carried into the Thornhill Lounge, dining rooms, bars and Main Hall.
  • Gentlemen may wear shoes without socks, but not open-toed style footwear.


  • Mobile phones must not be used on the golf courses or tennis courts.
  • Telephones may be carried on the courses, switched off, for medical emergency use only.
  • Earphones are not permitted when playing golf on the courses – for reasons of health and safety.
  • In the Mansion, mobile phones can only be used for calls on the Lower Ground Floor and in private conference rooms.
  • Mobile telephones may be used in other rooms of the Mansion for looking up information, texting or emailing, but must be kept on silent mode at all times.