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For the Centenary Year at Moor Park Golf Club, we have chosen a local charity that works with young children, called PLAYSKILL..

Founded in 2006, this is a local Hertfordshire charity that provides expert training, therapy, help and respite for pre-school children who have physical delays or disabilities.

Playskill is based in Watford and Hemel Hempstead, working with children under the age of five years that have suffered birth injuries or have a genetic disorder which affects the verbal and/or physical and/or mental development to provide structured interventional therapy.

To donate to PLAYSKILL please click the justgiving link here:-


How does PLAYSKILL help

Early intervention work is vital to help give children with disability or delay the best possible chance to gain skills at an early age and allow them to reach their full potential.

Most of us are aware of how important stimulation and interaction is for the development of children and this is even more critical for those that have developmental delays. This therapy can make a profound difference in the developmental progress of these children and their ability to fulfil their potential.

The charity also provides parental education as some parents don’t fully recognise the problems their child faces or realise how much difference therapy can make to the outcome.


To learn more about PLAYSKILL

To learn more about how the charity supports children and their families, Vinay and Nihal shared the story of their daughter, Aliyana.

Aliyana was about five months old when they realised was having difficulties with head control, alongside low birth weight and consistent eye infections. Eventually, she was diagnosed with global developmental delays, which means that she has not been able to meet her developmental milestones. As a result, there is a big question mark looming over how able-bodied she will be as she grows up.

They then discovered Playskill, which they say has been a lifeline.

Aliyana has flourished since going to the weekly sessions; she has achieved all the targets which were set for her. Playskill also offered lots of support to parents, including networking opportunities with other carers, informative classes and even a toy library.

Alongside the regular and much-needed sessions of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy, Playskill have taken the time to provide advice on how we can navigate and thrive in this new ‘world’. They also bring families with children who have additional needs together, creating a community of support to help overcome the physical, mental and emotional toll that weighs on all of us.